I am an Instructor (convertible to Assistant Professor) in the Department of Political Science at Columbia University. Previously, I was a Fellow at the Niehaus Center for Globalization and Governance at Princeton University.

My research interests span international and comparative political economy, with a focus on the politics of economic policymaking, business-state relations, and identity.  I have a regional specialization in India, which I study in comparative perspective with Brazil and other democratic settings.

Prior to my PhD, I was an Analyst, Senior Analyst, and Research Associate at Cornerstone Research, an economics and finance research firm.  I have experience working on complex regulatory disputes related to securities, valuation, and corporate governance.

I graduated in 2006 from Williams College, where I majored in Economics and Political Science (Honors) and conducted research as a Williams College Undergraduate Research Fellow.  During 2005-2006, I studied at Exeter College at the University of Oxford as part of the Williams-Exeter Program at Oxford.

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Department of Political Science

Columbia University

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Office:  739 IAB

T: (212) 854 5921

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